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Payments by Tab currently supports thousands of tourism businesses located across Latin America, Africa & Asia. We offer payouts in local currency or any major currency – to banks in almost any country.
Tubagua Ecolodge
Tubagua, Dominican Republic
Tab is prompt in response to support requests, and provides personalized attention to businesses.
Salty Jackal Backpackers
Swakopmund, Namibia
Tab is easy to use and quick to set up.
Nick's Adventures Bolivia
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Payments are easy, non complicated and customer support is great.
Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas and Restaurant
Camiguin Island, Philippines
Tab has made us legit! In a place this far out, cash has been the only way to do business as the banks just haven't caught up. But most of our clients from abroad prefer to pay with their cards.
Green Climbers BTCC比特币交易价格home
Thakhek, Laos
I love the ease of Tab and that it allows guests to see their bill in their preferred currency.
The Driftwood Surfer
El Paredon, Guatemala
Easy and fast - the new app is amazing!
Casa Urbana Hotel
Quito, Equador
We love it because it's really easy to use, any of our staff members can do easy payments to our guests. Also guests love the low rate fee! I feel very safe with them.
BTCC比特币交易价格home of Friends Guesthouse
Kapchorwa, Uganda
Tab helps us to ease the payment process for both our guests and ourselves. We don't have to deal with loads of cash anymore.
Chile Private Tours
Santiago, Chile
Tab has been a very practical solution for us to accept credit card payments from all over the world and receive payment in US dollars, in a safe and easy-to-use fashion.
Ecotourism Nam Et-Phou Louey
Vientiane, Laos
Tab has helped us by collecting advance and instant credit card payments in Lao currency (LAK) with free payouts to Lao bank accounts! A game changer!
Simple Beach Lodge
Las Peñitas, Nicaragua
I’ve been referring all businesses around here as we are having a great experience using Tab.
All Nations Guesthouse
Port Antonio, Jamaica
Tab saved my business from no-shows. It helped me a lot on the startup situation and also now after 3 years. I'm blessed to have Tab.
The Hummingbird
Bocas del Toro, Panama
The service is working great. We love it!
Pure Kitesurf
Cartagena, Colombia
It's easy to handle, no basic fees, they don't charge as much as other companies and have outstanding customer support. That’s why I recommend you guys: superb customer service!
Elephant Valley Project
Mondulkiri, Cambodia
We just received our first payment via Tab and we are really happy with the low rates and the ease of use!
Calala Lodge
Cabuya, Costa Rica
Amazing customer service. Great product in general! Solved our CC payment issue.
Swell Guatemala
El Paredon, Guatemala
The software is very practical for us as we are quite disconnected and now we can charge clients directly from our phone or iPad. Payouts are always on time and it's very clear online to keep track of all transactions.
Magic Packer Hostel
Cusco, Peru
Easy to use! I feel sure that my money is in good hands.
La Buena Vida
Puerto Lopez, Equador
I've worked with Tab for the past 3 years. It's user-friendly, fast and can charge credit cards from my phone. Tab has made it so easy for our small hotel to accept all credit cards and with very low fees! We're so happy with the service that we recommend it to everyone.
The Jaguar's Jungle
Drake Bay, Costa Rica
Being able to accept credit cards is huge for us because we are so remote.
Hospedaje Blue Ocean
Mancora, Peru
Tab helped us a lot as we can charge the customer a deposit in advance - and the cooperation with was a great advantage. We had no ‘no shows’ any more.
Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand
Easy and friendly to use the software to charge customer cards.
Surf & Yoga Mirissa
Mirissa, Sri Lanka
It's the first online payment gateway that we've used, it's really user-friendly and clients love it.
Hostel Nucapacha
Guayaquil, Equador
In a country where bank fees are really high, Tab was a great solution for my business.
La Cabaña Eco Hotel
Salento, Colombia
It’s helped me by being able to have more bookings, and bookings that I know will show up and that I can charge customers anywhere in the world.
Jenna's Riverside B&B
Panajachel, Guatemala
I am so pleased that I can use Tab with my clients. It's fast, easy and I always get a smile when I ask for the selfie, that always surprises people!
La Fortuna at Atitlan Boutique Eco Hotel
Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala
Being off grid and solar powered, we can have issues with power and traditional credit card equipment. Our guests though continually asked for this option, and because TAB works off our manager's iPhone and our front reception iPad we can use cellular if the power goes out and still complete the transaction.
Suites Metropoli
Quito, Ecuador
For me, the trust that was built between Tab and my business is fundamental. You can easily realize they take care of your business interests as well as your customers. Easy to use.
Bamboo Jam
Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia
Simple and transparent payments, safe online gateway, payouts every week, lower fees than other providers. Our customers love it.
La Iguana Perdida
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
We love using Tab – it's easy and convenient!
Lalay Lodge
Thandwe, Myanmar
I am loving the Tab system as it’s easy and we can secure advanced room bookings.
Aqua Adventures
Santos Guardiola, Honduras
Was looking for an alternative to PayPal and found Tab. The customer service has been great since the very first day helping understanding the system, faster. Payments to our bank and refunds to our customers are impeccable. Very reliable. It's all we ask when using a software like this.
Tikal VIP Tours
Flores, Guatemala
It has helped me with the most difficult thing, charging credit cards, because sometimes tourists don’t want to carry cash.
The Yak Hostel
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Our staff and our customers find it very easy and comfortable to use.
Apoyo Lodge
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
We are able to offer card payments to our customers even though we are located in a remote area with no access to phone lines. The fees are reasonable, and the system has worked perfectly for us in the last 3 years we have used it daily. Their customer support is superb, always very responsive, polite and gets it done.
The Yak Lake House
Bacalar, Mexico
I like how simple it is to use and the customer service is very helpful.
La Chimba Hostel
Santiago, Chile
Tab is a reliable partner, payouts are like clockwork. We’ve never had any issues.
La Paz VIP Tours
La Paz, Mexico
Intuitive and easy to use. In less than 10 minutes after learning the site, I started using it.
Outlanders Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia
I have been using Tab for two years so it has helped me in increasing sales, definitely. For me, it’s really really easy to take bookings in advance - that means more sales for me, and that helps me to grow.
Koko Acqua Lodge
Bocas del Toro, Panama
It has worked in a very positive way for my business. I am able to take advance payments which our local bank's POS never allowed us to do.
Linda Vista Apart Hotel
El Calafate, Argentina
Wonderful tool for processing payments in Latin America.

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